How to try the application?

To try, you can sign-up for 30 days free trial at the sign-up page.

What happen after the 30-days free trial expired?

After finish with 30 days of free trial, your account will automatically become a free account. The difference between the free account and the paid account can be referred to the PRICING page,

What is available in the 30 days free trial?

During the free trials period, you can test all functions that not available in the free account such as Contract, Payroll, Zoom & Asset Management

How the invoicing features work? allows users to create an unlimited number of invoice and estimate. User can send the estimate and the invoices to the customers and let the customer to proceed with the approval and payment process.

Is there any limitation in the project management?

There is no limitation in managing a project. Even in the free account, you can create as many projects as you can.

How does the subscription works?

User can choose to subscribe on a monthly or 1-year basis. If you choose monthly, you will be billed on monthly basis. By sign up on a yearly basis, you will be billed on monthly basis. User can choose to unsubscribe, and once choose the billing cycle will be stopped at the end of the billing cycle period. You will not be charge for the next billing cycle.